We have worked with Andrew since 2010. Andrew came to us very sick and throughout the years we have been able to help him become healthier and grow through aggressive feeding and medicine. Before we met Andrew, he was living in a home with his aunts and uncles and many children. His parents had passed away years earlier. There was no food left for Andrew after meals which left him close to death. Before the Arise Home was finished, we took him out of the home he was living in and sent him to an orphanage run by Catholic Nuns. They helped him back to health by feeding him every hour or two for months, which enlarged his stomach. After his time in the orphanage we moved Andrew to the Arise Home.

Andrew moved into the Arise Home on December 17, 2012. He has done fantastic in the Arise Home. He loves to play soccer and can be found in the back yard everyday after school playing a game with the other boys. He enjoys school very much and works hard to get good grades. He is naturally smart and takes any opportunity to learn more and read.  Andrew is also very neat and clean which our housemoms are thankful for. His dresser is always perfectly kept! Andrew is shy when you first meet him but once he opens up you find a child with a great sense of humor. He will surprise you with his scarcasm.

Andrew is currently in the seventh grade.