Arise Africa was very blessed to partner with Kershaw's Challenge to build the Arise Homes.  Currently there is one home and another one is being constructed and should be finished by August of 2016.  After working in the compounds Arise Africa realized that sometimes we work with children who need more help than we can provide at the schools during the day.  Many of them had been either left by or their parents had died.  The kids living in the Arise Home were living on the streets or with people who did not want them.  They were being neglected and didn't have food to eat or medicine needed for illnesses.  They didn't have clothes or anyone looking out for them.  They had no other place to go and we were blessed to gain full time custody of them and move them into our home. 

The current home was finished at the end of 2012 and children moved in on Monday December 17th, 2012. It was a day we will never forget!  We are beyond blessed and honored to have incredible children living in our full time care.  The home is run by two Zambian house moms and a "house dad" also known as our gardner, Jeff.  The children attend a private school where they receive a great education.  They are involved in their church and love youth groups.  They also love sports and the boys play soccer in local leagues.  Our girls also play soccer and all the kids love to play basketball in our yard.  Some particular special things they love are Friday night movie nights and going camping with Arise Africa's Executive director Alissa and her husband and Megan. 


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