We first met Armond Banda in August of 2010 in our child sponsorship program. He has no living parents but a grandmother that spends the majority of her time in a remote village a few hours away. He had lived by himself, in the school hallways or at the city dump before moving into the Arise Home. He had grown to learn to survive on his own and fight to live.

Armond moved into the Arise Home on December 17, 2012. It was very overwhelming at first for Armond. He had never seen running water in a home or a refrigerator. Everything was a new experience. Armond adjusted well and learned to sleep in bunk beds, eat three meals a day, and play with the other kids in the home.

Armond attends a private school with the other kids in the home. He loves school and likes to color. Armond always wants to read to in the home and enjoys books very much. He also loves to play soccer with the other boys in the yard and catch grasshoppers. He is a bug maniac! He loves being outside. He loves to work with our gardener Jeffrey and has a very sweet personality. He is gentle and has a smile on his face most of the time.