Week 3 update

Hey everyone!

It has been a while since we have blogged and we are so sorry! We have been busy here in Lusaka and haven’t had much time to put pen to paper….or in this case, hands to keys.

Last week we worked in the two different schools that Arise partners with, helping all the children in the sponsorship program write letters back to their sponsors. We spent our days at Grace School and Destiny School chopping vegetables, serving lunch, writing letters with kids, and experiencing true Zambian transportation via the mini bus system. Picture a crowded, packed van driven by a crazy New York taxi driver. It was awesome. 

We loved getting a chance to see firsthand the impact that the child sponsorship program makes in the lives of kids here in Lusaka. Witnessing kids reading letters written to them by their sponsors brought smiles to our faces as we realized how important and meaningful this program is to these communities. Not to mention, we loved the opportunity we had to get to know the kids in the schools as well as the Arise staff. They have an incredible amount of joy and hope, and the kids are so grateful for even a chance to attend school. We have all learned a lot from them and know that the Lord is doing big things in both Grace School and Destiny School.


We ended the week sorting out all the donation items that we brought over here from the States. We were able to give not only both schools clothes and other items, but we also donated to Mother Teresa’s (an orphanage here in Lusaka), Macdonald’s Farm (a family who has taken in thirty one street boys), and a reading program in Lusaka West. The Lord used these donations to answer prayers and He was very evident in the way that He met the specific needs of these ministries.

It is crazy to think that our time is drawing closer to an end here in Zambia. We ask that you all be praying for our last week here; that we would seek to serve the people we come in contact with well and that the Lord continues to work in their lives as well as our own. Be praying for open hearts and for eyes to see the needs more clearly over the course of this week. We are excited and expectant for what the Lord will do!


In Him,

The Interns


Kids Camp Day 5

Hi everyone! 


Yesterday was the last day of camp at Appleseed school. We spent the day playing games, launching water balloons, running through an obstacle course, and reflecting on all that the Lord did this past week.


We ended the day exchanging goodbyes with our new Zambian friends and praying for the students at Appleseed. There were lots of tears on both sides.


As we reflect on our week, God did some incredible work in the hearts of the students and volunteers alike. He was abundantly faithful through language barriers and hardened hearts. We had a lot of kids come to know him this week at camp and learn more about his character.


Continue to be praying for the kids at Appleseed; that they would know the love and mercy of the Lord and that he will continue to soften hearts and draw those kids closer to him. Be praying also for our American friends who, after spending the weekend at Victoria Falls, will be traveling back to the States. Pray for safe flights and that they would continue to be impacted and encouraged from their week spent here in Zambia.


We, as the interns, now look forward to the next couple of weeks we have left here in Zambia! Be praying for us and that we would seek to glorify the Lord in all that we do and that he would continue to use us.


In Him,


The Interns


Kids Camp Day 4

Hi everyone!


The week is coming to a close quickly! It has been a blast hanging out with the students from Appleseed at Kids Bible Camp and getting to know their hearts!


The theme for today was “We live”, based off of the end of John 3:16 – “We shall not perish but have eternal life”.  The Arise staff and volunteers talked with the children about everlasting life and what it looks like during Big Group time. When we broke up into our teams, the volunteers taught the kids about the Farmer and the Seed parable, showing them the importance of sowing seeds (Christ) into people’s hearts.


To illustrate this parable, we had the kids plant watermelon seeds! They went to a station where they were given cups that they could decorate and a couple of watermelon seeds. From there, we helped them put dirt and water in their cups so eventually they will grow a watermelon! We can’t wait for them to start growing because the kids were so excited about them!




At the end of the day we gave the kids an opportunity to profess faith in Christ if they had never done so before. After, we met in our small groups again to give the kids some more individualized attention to talk about what it means to be a Christian. It was a great opportunity for the American volunteers and their Zambian partners to seriously talk about what it means to really follow Jesus! We know God is planting seeds in these kids hearts and we trust He will do great things inside of them, through them, and despite them just as he is already doing in us! Thank you for your prayers! God is clearly here with us in Zambia!




Later in the evening the mission trippers finally had a chance to visit the Arise Home! They were able to meet the kids, play games with them and enjoy learning more about Arise!


We still can’t believe that this week is coming to a close and that Kids Bible Camp ends tomorrow. The Lord is showing His faithfulness to us constantly here in Lusaka and we are expectant of what He will do with the rest of our time here!


In Him,


The Interns


Kids Camp Day 3 

Hi y’all!


Today was another jam-packed day at camp! Day 3’s theme was “that whoever believes in him” and we spent our time learning about what it really looks like to believe.


First off, the Arise staff demonstrated belief by blowing up a balloon and telling the kids that even though we can’t see air, it still exists inside the balloon. The volunteers then reiterated this in their smaller groups, focusing on our belief in Christ.


Our big activity today was building and flying kites. Most of these kids have grown up making kites and flying them in the compound so it was really cool for them to teach us something for a change. We used the kites to represent the cross and Jesus being our blanket (a.k.a. the plastic bag as the body of the kite) who protects us. The Holy Spirit was symbolized through the wind, helping us soar in our walks with Christ. The kids absolutely loved this and would have spent hours flying them if we would have let them.


We finished the day with another entertaining skit about Zaccheus and then they continued to fly their new kites!


After camp, the group of American volunteers headed to visit the orphanage, Mother Teresa. They spent a couple of hours there, holding babies and playing with kids. It was very impactful and hard from them to see the conditions those kids live in daily.


We can’t believe that Kids Camp is coming to a close in two short days! Continue to be praying for these kid’s and that seeds will be planted deep within their hearts to know Christ more.


In Him,


The Interns


Kids camp day 2

Hi friends!


Today we began day two of Kids Bible Camp! Yesterday’s theme was “He loves” while the theme today was “He gives!” To help the kids understand that salvation in Christ is free, we sent them into the compound and gave away free gifts (lollies).  As the kids returned there were mixed reactions. Some kids enjoyed giving away a free gift while others wanted to keep the gifts for themselves.  All of the Americans enjoyed getting to go out into the community to see where their kids live.


The Arise staff put on an amazing skit to help the kids better grasp the concept of a free gift. We could tell that the kids were really starting to understand!


After camp we went to visit Destiny School where Arise has a sponsorship program. Two of the Arise staff walked us through the local market, Buseco, and we got to see where people in the community live and work. It made a huge impact on all of us.


We are so excited for day three of camp tomorrow! The Lord is working in these kid’s hearts and we can’t wait to see what else He has in store!


In Him,


The Interns

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