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Destiny School Upgrades

This year Arise Africa is working with Kershaw's Challenge to do an overhaul of one of our community schools, Destiny. 

Ever since we have worked with Destiny Community School the need for more classrooms has been pressing.  In one round room 4 or 5 classes are held at one time.  You can imagine the stress to try to get children to concentrate and pay attention. 

That is why it was so exciting when Kershaw's Challenge and Arise Africa decided to team up and raise funds through the 2013 baseball season to build Destiny School 5 new classrooms, drill a water well and get a storage tank. 

In January when I got home from my trip in Zambia I had a very nice check waiting for me from Kershaw's Challenge to start this project.  And we dove right in!  We immediately called our builder and sent him out to the school to start his plans.  A week or so later we received these awesome renderings: 


I particularly enjoy this next photo the best because if you notice apparently in the background after these classrooms are built there will be golfers and a golf course right next to them!

After reviewing the plans and budgets we asked the builder to get working right away.  We also worked with a local driller and already have the water well drilled and storage tank up and operating:

Although the drilling was messy, the end product is awesome!  We now have clean, reliable water for the children and staff.

The classroom construction started a few weeks ago.  We are hoping they will be finished by June and July:

 We are so excited about improving Destiny School.  The impact this will have on the children, their education, the staff, and the community is going to be awesome.  Throughout the years the school has been patient with us and willing to listen to advice about finances, budgets, teachers and the buildings themselves.  This project wouldn't have been possible without our partnership with Kershaw's Challenge and we are so thankful for their donors and support. 

- Alissa Hollimon