Our child sponsorship program is very strong and we have seen major impact on the kids that we are currently serving. For $35 a month individuals can sponsor a child living in the compounds of Zambia.  These kids are in the toughtest situations with little or no help in paying their school fees and providing their basic needs.  Some kids are orphaned and live with distant relatives.  Other's are being raised by older siblings who are not much older than them.

For every 20 to 30 children, Arise Africa has one child sponsorship officer assigned to them.  They work with those  kids in their schools everyday and help feed them, give them clothes, pay their school fees, and provide discipleship.  They tutor when needed and visit the child's home.  They watch the kids and take them to the clinic as needed.  They sometimes have to manage a child's HIV medicine and make sure the kid is taking it and the dosage is correct.

For $35 a month a child receives the following help in our program:

  • School fees paid for
  • Clothes as the child needs them
  • School supplies
  • One nutritious meal every school day fed at school
  • Discipleship
  • Clinic visits as needed



    Natasha Njobvu


    Rabecca Banda


    Gastone Tembo


    Abeles Tembo


    Sylvia Mulenga


    Harriet Tembo


    Jackson Mwamba


    Faith Tembo


    Edina Cheba


    Danny Tembo

    Mwansa Prosper Mulenga


    Kamwengo Chinyama



    The sponsor of the child receives bi-monthly reports with photos of the child from their Zambian support officer. They also have the opportunity to write the child letters 2 to 3 times a year and do receive responses back. Please note that communication is sometimes slower in Africa than in America!

    Arise Africa tries to grow our child sponsorship program as fast as possible. However we have to be VERY careful in our management of this program to ensure that every single child is accounted for and receiving the help they should be. This is why sometimes we do not have sponsorship spots available because after every 30 new kids we take a few weeks to make sure the program is running smoothly.