We first met Fred in August of 2010. He had been in our child sponsorship program with his brother, Mukonda.

Fred and Mukonda were living in a plastic tarp with their parents in a city market. There were issues with safety, disease, and lack of food. Fred and Mukonda needed more help than their parents could provide in the conditions they were in.

Fred and Mukonda moved into the Arise Home in May of 2013. They came together and quickly adapted to the home and the other kids they live with. They attend private school with the other children in the home.

Fred has a smile and innocence about him that will make you love him! He is sweet and calm and loves to play outside. Everything new that he experiences he is excited about and wants to learn more.

Fred and Mukonda's situation was unique in that they had caring parents. Unfortunately the boys were suffering while living with their parents. Arise Africa works hard to keep that relationship with the boys and their parents and they visit often.