Margaret Mazyopa

Grace School 15 years old Grade 5

Margret is the 5th born child in a family of 8.  She and her siblings are “double orphans”, that is, both parents are dead.  They died in the village in Eastern Province, after long illnesses some years ago.  Margaret lives in Matero with her uncle (dad’s brother) and is the only one of her siblings living in the city.  All her siblings are still in the village, living with their grandmother.  Margaret’s uncle once had a well paying job, and that helped to support his household. Unfortunately, he lost it and things are so bad that many nights, Margaret goes to sleep on an empty stomach.

Margret’s favorite subject is Math.  Her hobbies include reading, singing, and making friends.  She also enjoys helping out with chores at home.  Margaret’s favorite color is pink and although she has never been in an airplane, she dreams of one day becoming a pilot one day. 

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