Arise Africa offers college, university, or continuing education scholarships. These go to individuals who have proven a desire to attend school for a particular degree or trade and have a strong character. College in Zambia is about $2,500 USD a year. We also provide a monthly stipend for the individuals in our program so that they focus only on their school work and do not have to worry about living expenses while in school. Statistics show that only 2% of people in Zambia receive a college education or speciality training. By giving someone that opportunity it drastically improves their lives. In a country that has high unemployment rates, having a college education enables you to get a job much easier than others. Arise Africa also is passionate about helping make strong leaders for the country of Zambia and this is a very important program for the individuals who are in it. If you choose to help support these individuals each donor receives a quarterly report on the individual's progress and school grades. You also have the opportunity to write them letters and receive communication from them.


We currently have one Scholarship Recipient:


Grandson Mwanza
Our Arise Africa staff has known Grandson since 2005 when he was 10 years old. Grandson is the oldest of 8 children and both of his parents are HIV positive. His father has a job that pays very little and he can't afford to feed his family. Grandson is a teenager and our staff member Megan has paid for his schooling, and room and board throughout his life. He is finishing high school with very high grades. Grandson has matured throughout the years and is a very hard worker. He is a natural leader and helps mentor younger children in our programs and is involved in his church. Grandson is bright, smart, and driven kid who needs a chance at college. Grandson has worked hard every year in school to be ready for college and have the grades to do so. He hopes one day to be a social worker or work in a church. We are helping raise funds for Grandson to attend a very successful and great Bible college, RHEMA. Grandson will start at RHEMA in January of 2014. The college is two years long and costs about $1,500 per year for tuition and books and other test costs. In total, we hope to raise $6,000 USD for two years of college for Grandson and for his living expenses. RHEMA Bible college is very time consuming and we want Grandson to be able to fully focus on school and not have to worry about making money for his lodging, food, and other living expenses. If you chose to help Grandson we will provide updates for you about Grandson's schooling as well as opportunities to communicate with Grandson.





Listed below are our graduates from the program:


Benson Mwenya
Benson received a degree in social work in May of 2013. He is currently employed and working in Lusaka, Zambia.