Arise Africa is currently building a complex that will become the headquarters of Arise Africa Zambia.  

Arise has needed a complex for a while.  Working in a large city has some issues that a complex helps alleviate.  We have struggled to have a central location to store donations and supplies.  As our ministry has grown we need a place for offices for all of our staff.  Zambia's electricity problem has caused Arise Africa to want to have a location to invest in solar and generators so that our productivity will not decrease due to the country's lack of power.  We need a place for staff to come and charge laptops and phones in order to do their jobs.

The cost of lodging has also increased in the city we work in, Lusaka.  In an effort to keep mission trip costs down, Arise Africa wants to house mission trippers at the complex as well. 

Having a central location to store supplies, cars, and have our offices will help cut down the administration costs Arise Africa faces.  We currently have to pay for our vehicles to be parked in safe locations at night.  We have to pay for expensive offices in a large city, where then you don't have electricity at your office when you are there.  Building a complex will save Arise Africa large amounts of money annually. 

The complex property was purchased in summer of 2015 and sits on almost three acres.  It is in a fantastic location and close to all the schools and Arise Homes where Arise Africa works.

We are in the process of building the main lodge right now that will be Arise Africa's offices and housing for mission trippers when they are in Zambia. It also will be Megan's home.  (Megan is our full time American living in Zambia)  We are building the home out of shipping containers which saves us 2/3 the cost of using cinder blocks and cement.  If you are skeptical about shipping container homes we suggest you Google search them and see the amazing homes out there.  The lodging will be well built, safe, and comfortable.  It also will not be fancy, we are in Africa to serve and work hard and that is our mission.  Our goal is to have the complex open and ready for lodging by summer of 2016.


      Bottom Floor:


Top Floor:






There are a few things that Arise Africa wishes to purchase for the complex that we either cannot find in Zambia or the quality is low. Please consider shopping our Wish List for the complex!  Make sure to email us your receipt of purchase so we can provide you a tax receipt.