You probably have noticed Megan is not Zambian.  Megan is from Chicago and has lived in Zambia since 2006.  She has worked with Arise Africa since August of 2011.  Megan helps us on all of our education focused work as well as planning and organizing mission trips from the Zambia side. Megan spends most of her time working with the schools that we partner with and assessing their needs.  She also works with our child sponsorship officers on report writing and other situations that come up.  Megan has a great relationship with the government of Zambia in the social welfare and child protection services and helps us with the paperwork and getting children in our full custody.

Interesting Fact About Megan: "I have a little sister that was adopted from Zambia and lives in Chicago."

Funniest thing about working with Americans in Zambia: "Americans have a hard time forgetting about the watch on their hands and just living life over here sometimes, its funny to watch them learn about 'African time.'"

Dream for Arise Africa: "My dream for Arise is that we grow solid and steady and that we show the love of Christ in every aspect of our work."

Megan raises all of her support through Arise Africa for her living expenses. 

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Monica was born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia. She received her undergraduate degree in Special Education and got a masters degree in Communication and Development at the University of Zambia.  She then served in the government for several years and has experience in child protection, special needs education, and HIV & AIDS impact mitigation.  Monica then went back to school and has received another masters degree in child and adolescent psychology.  Monica works closely within the Arise Home to ensure compliance with national and international laws, and standards and policies.  In addition, she works with the schools we partner with to monitor the feeding programs, child sponsorship program, education improvements, and the performance of both the children in the home and in the community schools we serve.  She also oversees our staff and supports and mentors them to ensure that they provide services in an effective and efficient manner. Monica and her husband Joseph, have three children, Chifuno, Chiknodi, and Neema.

Interesting Fact About Monica: "I am the youngest of six children."

What I like about working for Arise Africa: "Everyday brings something different, the environment is unpredictable, which makes it really interesting and allows for creative thinking."

Dream for Arise Africa: "My dream for Arise Africa is to grow in the provision of services to the children we serve.  I would like to see us serve more communities and give hope and love of Christ to all under our care."